Romantic couples getaway in Alytus

Alytus is becoming known as the “city of love”. Not only is the word “love” part of the city’s name, but it also welcomes couples to come and enjoy a warm and romantic atmosphere. The city offers many opportunities for lovers to explore, from following the path of love to getting lost in the labyrinth or admiring the beautiful paintings on the city walls. It’s the perfect place for couples to strengthen their love or even rekindle their passion. The word “love” in the city’s name is a proud symbol of what the city has to offer for those who seek romance and love.

Route “In the footsteps of love in Alytus”

Love… How wonderful, charming, self-sacrificing, fiery, hurtful, treacherous, destructive or unhappy it can be. And every time it is different and inevitable. Today we invite you to travel the route of love in Alytus, visiting objects that preserve happy, sometimes sad or intriguing love events. According to legends, the name of Alytus was born from the story of the beautiful feelings of two people. By the way, the King of Poland and the Grand Duke of Lithuania Žygimantas Augustas gave Alytus to Barbora Radvilaitė as a token of his love. Recently, the sign “Alytus-Myliu” has become famous in the city.

Together with your loved one, take a trip through the City of Love. You can find the route at: or in the “Visit Alytus” app, which can be displayed on the Google Play or App Store platforms.

Labyrinth of love

Alytus-Myliu is the sign that symbolizes the love that united this city. But the love story goes beyond just the sign. It leads to the legend of Mirgrausėlė and Alyta, which is associated with the birth of the city.

You might get lost in the labyrinth, but that’s part of the experience. After you find your way out, you can go back in time to the years 1930-1934 and try to understand the emotions of Alytus’ residents at that time. You’ll find the thoughts of our elders printed in the local newspaper and lined up on benches in the City Garden.

The Labyrinth of Love may not be large, but it captures the essence of love between the wars. Alytus was a resort town at that time, and many women from Kaunas came to our city looking for holiday romances and potential partners. It’s hard to imagine how many love stories unfolded during that era, including betrayals, love triangles and other beautiful moments.

The labyrinth is made of wood and painted red in the middle. The artist Pijus Šematulskis decorated the outside of the street labyrinth.

Youth Park, Alytus

GPS: 54.404761, 24.024431 (WGS)

The former synagogue of the city of Alytus

After the recently completed restoration of the synagogue – it was reborn for a new cultural life – an audiovisual arts centre was established here: exhibitions of famous artists, concerts are held, and curious visitors are welcome. Here, the exhibition “Shalom, Alytau!” presents the life of Alytus Jews in the interwar period. At that time, the Jewish community made up almost 30 per cent. residents of the city, so their contribution to the city’s history is vivid and felt to this day. The material collected by the museum workers reveals the economic and cultural activities of the Jewish community and tells the public about the school, societies, and the Holocaust.

Go on a sightseeing trip with your lover. Get to know the history of the city of Alytus up close and admire the restored frescoes of the synagogue and the original architecture. Various exhibitions are held on the first floor, and you can walk around and admire the works of art.

Free entry. Working hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 – 18:00; VI – 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Closed on Sundays and Mondays.

+370 315 49927

Jump rope from the tallest pedestrian and bicycle bridge

If you can’t live without thrills, we invite you to try a jump with a rope from a record height in Lithuania! Surprise your significant other, or create unforgettable moments together! Neither you nor your partner will forget such impressions and intense emotions.

The White Rose Bridge is 38 meters high, the highest pedestrian bridge in Lithuania. There will be no shortage of extreme experiences – your heart and legs will tremble even before you touch the solid base, and when you dive headfirst into the Nemunas and feel the free fall, your blood will rush with adrenaline!

Street art in Alytus

For many years, professional wall painting masters have been decorating various buildings in Alytus with drawings. It is an original open-air street gallery that adds more colour and charm to the city. Some drawings delicately and sensitively tell the story of Alytus.

It will be a colourful trip for couples, visiting the colourful paintings located in the city of Alytus. When travelling in the city of love, finding a mural can be a great reason to take a romantic stroll around the city, and almost every mural tells its own story, whether it’s about the city or about life.

An artistic, philosophical and historical journey that you must take with your loved one.

You can find more information here:

Excursion and tasting at “Dzūkų Beer Restaurant”

The Dzūkų Beer Restaurant is located in the historical Vilniaus Street of Alytus. The building dates back to the 19th and 20th centuries and was previously a pharmacy owned by the Kostro family of Spaniards who settled in Alytus. Currently, the restaurant has a modern conference hall with 70 seats and a brewer offering an educational tasting program. The restaurant provides a wide menu of dishes to cater to even the pickiest customers.

The scenic views from the restaurant are breathtaking. One can enjoy a panoramic view of Alytus, including the interwar city’s old buildings, St. The Church of the Guardian Angels, the cobbled Nemunas Street, the Old Town Square with its playful, luminous fountains, and the metal sculpture of this tree memorializing the place where Vytautas the Great oak grew.

Couples can visit the restaurant to eat and try beers with fancy names like Cikras, Čystas, Razumnas, and others that are part of what makes it worth visiting. The cosy environment and quality service provide an excellent experience. The Dzūkų Beer Restaurant is a perfect place to end an exciting day while getting to know the city.

Contacts: Vilniaus st. 35, Alytus. For ordering banquets, buffets +370 676 42 045; Table reservation +370 601 90 888,;