Česnulis Sculpture & Leisure Park

Wood carvings and expositions in the homestead of the famous sculptor of Dzūkija represent only small part of works created over a period of 30 years. In the backyard visitors may explore a four storey windmill that was built by the host and displays the exposition of wood carvings by Antanas Česnulis. A unique wall of the Men of Sorrow is arranged from windmill towards the Ratnyčėlė River. Composition “Man’s and tree’s life” can be found on the bank of the river. It is a combination of natural beauty and oak wood carvings. Visitors may also get acquainted with Lithuanian national theatre characters: “Marti“ (“Daughter in law”) by Žemaitė, “Prieblandoje“ (“In the dusk”) by A. Vienuolis, “Prie dangaus vartų“ (“By the gate of heaven”) by V. Krėvė. The guests are met by national poet Maironis, pilots who flew over the Atlantic Ocean S.Darius and S.Girėnas, and poet Just. Marcinkevičius. Antanas’s gallery was open in 2011. All the works of Antanas Česnulis are unique, different and alive. His sculptures, roofed pillars and wayside shrines can be found all over Lithuania and abroad.