The City Garden

The City Garden, famous for its roses, was established in the very centre of Alytus, completed in 1931. It has remained legendary to this day. In 1936, according to the project of the city engineer V. Trečiokas, a fountain was installed with a pool in which goldfish swam and lilies bloomed. The idea was to place the fountain in the centre of the park so that it would be like the sun, and all the paths stretching from it would be like rays of sunlight. Squirrels bustling in the garden make many people smile. There are 55 species of trees and shrubs and three named oaks: 1930 planted in honour of President A. Smetona, 1933 – for the unity of the Baltic States, in 1939 an oak tree was planted in honour of K. Petrauskas. In 2018 the fourth oak tree was planted – dedicated to the centenary of Lithuania.
In the garden of the city, lovers of all time were happy to make dates. It usually took place at the fountain. Wooden park benches were often painted with love poems. Not everyone remembers the feelings that burst into pieces in the love corner of the City Garden or on the dance floor (called “plaščiatke”).