Memorial plaque dedicated to the writer Sigitas Geda

Geda Sigitas Zigmas (born 4 February 1943) Born in Pateriai, Lazdijai district – died 12 December 2008 Vilnius. Buried in Antakalnis Cemetery) – poet, playwright, critic, translator, essayist. Sigitas Geda was the first honorary citizen of Lazdijai District. This title was conferred on him by the decision of the Lazdijai District Municipal Council No 361 of 28 May 2001.

In 2022, as a result of the project “The Literary Path of the Lazdijai Region” implemented by the Lazdijai District Municipality Public Library, a commemorative plaque was created for the writer Sigitas Geda (sculptor Algis Kasparavičius, a native of Lazdijai, is the author).