Church of Jesus of Nazareth of Būdvietis

A public chapel was built in 1820. It had a permanent priest in 1831. Later, there was no priest for some time. In 1885 a permanent one was appointed. Under the care of priest Vladislovas Palukaitis, since 1895 the chanting in Lithuanian began. In 1906 a wooden chapel was built by priest Jonas Grajauskas. It became a affiliate in 1917. In 1920 a parish was established. By 1936 a sacristy and a vestibule with 2 towers were added. The parish priest J. Marčiukonis went underground in 1947 and died in hiding in 1949. The church has a rectangular plan, harmonious proportions and is two-domed. In the centre there are 3 naves separated by columns. The churchyard fence is made of wooden buildings.