Church of the Most Holy Trinity in Miroslavas

The Miroslavas parish was established in 1744.  A wooden church and a monastery of the Marians of the Immaculate Conception (M.I.C.) was built in Miroslavas in 1763. The church burned in 1835, and a temporary church took its place, replaced in turn by a new masonry-construction church and monastery in 1847. The Marians established a school there. In 1864, the monastery was closed and Marian Father Vincentas Grincevičius was exiled to Siberia as punishment for administering the oath-taking of participants in the January Uprising. The Russian Army, retreating at the beginning of the First World War, demolished the church with explosives. A Project for rebuilding it was prepared in 1917. Construction works began the next year and were completed in 1929. The church is of elegant proportions, with two steeples, a single nave, hall-shaped Latin cross plan. There are five altars. An organ was installed in 2006.

Vienuolyno g. 2A, Miroslavas, Alytaus r., tel. +370 671 89 770
GPS: 54.331685, 23.895263 (WGS)