E.Jastramskas organic farm

We are a small organic farm run by the Jastramskai family, located in Šventežeris village in Lazdijai district. The founder of the farm, Edmundas Henrikas Jastramskas, started farming and soon got his whole family involved. We produce cold-pressed oil in the farm’s oil mill. Only family members work in the factory: grandfather Edmundas, daughter Nijolė and her husband Algirdas, grandchildren Justina and Linas.
We only press oil from our own seeds, so we have a limited number of products.

Our activities are seasonal. We start pressing in autumn and finish in spring, when the weather warms up and the work in the fields begins. And when the harvest is over, we start again with fresh products after a new crop of seeds.
It is said that “all beauty is in simplicity”.

Our farm products don’t need any “frills” – extra ingredients. The oil, mechanically pressed, does not lose its good qualities, retains its vitamins without heating, remains pure without bleaching or deodorising. As it came from the earth, so it is on our table and yours.
We are happy to provide you with a great natural product so that you can enjoy healthy food and well-being.

All our oils are certified organic.

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Granddaughter Agnė Juknevičienė has set up a mill next to her grandfather’s farm. She farms together with her husband Alius. More information about their products can be found on kaimasveza.lt.