Cakes by Elena

Exceptional, gorgeous, delicious cakes and other sweets made with love!

Cookies, morengs, doughnuts, mushrooms, pavlovas, nuts, children’s cakes, commemorative cakes, anniversary cakes, pastries, canapés, éclairs, fries, to your request, “macaroons, boom cakes, mini cakes, cupcakes, popsicles, healthy desserts, jelly cakes, desserts in jars, dessert kits, cakes, wraps, number cakes

Elena Sorakienė has been involved in confectionery since childhood. The smell of cakes and pastries baked at home were her first steps in pastry. But her greatest interest in confectionery, and in particular in decorating, began 10 years ago. With constant study and training in the subtleties of confectionery, a sweet hobby turned into a sweet job.