Tomb and monument of Emilija Pliaterytė (1806–1831)

Emilija Pliaterytė (Polish: Emilia Plater; 13 November 1806 in Vilnius – 23 December 1831 in Kapčiamiestis) – a countess who came from the famous Pliateriai family, in 1831. a participant in the uprising, a captain, the Lithuanian Jeanne Dark, is also considered a national hero in Belarus. Emilija Pliaterytė – a symbol of freedom struggles, 19th century female hero.
1831 together with her cousin Caesar Pliaterys, she organized a rebel platoon, which occupied Zarasai with its allies, took part in the battle in Radviliškis district, later in Vilnius county and Kaunas. In the same year, a wave of uprisings reached Dzūkija as well – fighting took place in the forests of Leipalingis-Kapčiamiestis. Emilia was injured while traveling through the Black Duck. She was sheltered by Eigulė Margelis and Justinavas landlord Ablamavičius. 1831 December 23 Emilia died in the village of Vainežeris. During the night by boat on the Ančia River, she was taken to Kapčiamiestis Church and buried in Kapčiamiestis Cemetery. A monument was erected in memory of E. Pliaterytė in Kapčiamiestis cemetery and in the center of the town.