The priest’s stone in Nemuna near Nemunaitis

This stone also called the Priest’s stone, is located in Nemune in Nemunaitis. A walking path in the recreation area leads to it, and there is an observation deck on the stone bank.
About Nemunaitis Klebon’s stone in 1872 The famous Polish archaeologist, ethnographer, and cultural historian Zygmantas Gliogeris, who swam in the Nemunas, wrote: “Near the town, a huge stone rose from the Nemunas’ mouth. From a distance, it appeared to me like a tower standing on the coast.”
In this place in 1877 a water measuring station was established. The place was chosen precisely because of the huge stone blowing here. In it, they dug out the plots and nailed the gauges, and the local pastors managed the notes. Sometimes, after winter, the stone would slightly change its location, because it was moved by pieces of ice floating on the river in the spring.
If you are not afraid of challenges, you will be properly dressed, you will walk downstream from the recreation area (in the opposite direction) on the Nemunas coast (there is no specially equipped path) for about a kilometer – one of the most beautiful in Lithuania and the only outcrop of Klintinė tuffs in Southern Lithuania will open before you, which in 1987 declared a natural monument. If you climb to the top, you will climb to the surviving part of the almost washed-away Nemunaitis mound.