St. Casimir’s Church in Kučiūnai

The first temporary church was wooden, built in 1907. Its construction was led by priest Juozas Galeckas. This church was demolished and its location marked with a memorial stone when a new brick church was built. St. Casimir’s Church in Kučiūnai is modern, it’s architect Algimantas Mikėnas. The new church was completed in 1996. It is made from brick, single-tower, rectangular plan with a semicircular apse and a protruding porch. The architecture is laconic but expressive, the forms stylized. In the main façade, a tower of elongated proportions rises from the total volume of the plastic building. Portal – a rectangular opening, above which is built St. Sculpture of Casimir (author Juozas Šlivinskas). Inside the church there are three naves. They are separated by one pair of reinforced concrete columns. The retable of the high altar and the stations of the Way of the Cross were moved from the old wooden church to the new one.