Museum of Freedom Fights

The Freedom Struggle Museum was established in the so-called White Petrauskai House, where the NKVD, KGB and other structures operated. In the basement of the building, the authentic torture chambers of those who fought for the freedom of Lithuania have been preserved – with the help of modern technology, memories have been preserved and the feeling of horror experienced by our people has been conveyed. The two floors of the building are equipped with interactive expositions that involve everyone, carefully protecting and nurturing the historical memory. The sounds, stories, post-war songs, and the intertwined images of the past and present seen in the aged mirrors are breathtaking and cannot leave anyone indifferent. As Ausma Miškinienė, the mayor of Lazdijai district, said on the opening day: “to open the door of the cell where those who fought for the freedom of Lithuania were imprisoned and hear the cry, recognize the face… Look through the keyhole and see the horror of the freedom struggle… Pick up the phone and listen to the stories of the tragic fate and feel infinite gratitude for being free…”

The museum hosts educational sessions on the history of guerrilla warfare and exile. History lessons, educations, seminars, various events can be held here.

Museum expositions surround visitors with exhibits, sounds, and stories reminiscent of dramatic events. A unique museum building, original design and meaningful, never-before-seen exhibition presentation solutions. The Freedom Struggle Museum should become one of the most meaningful and one of the most popular tourist attractions in our region.

You can contact us by the indicated telephone numbers +370 318 52726, +370 617 31489, +370 664 66872 e-mail. by mail [email protected], [email protected]

The Freedom Struggle Museum hosts educational programs:

“The Exile’s Christmas”
“Toys in Exile”
“Exile and Preserved Hope”
“History of the Battle of Kalniškės”
“Explore the museum in the dark”
Mobile education “Become shallow – find and learn”
Mobile education “Find freedom”
Mobile education “Labyrinths of Freedom Struggles”
“Let’s learn the songs of freedom fights”
“Be forever Free – Lithuania!”

The author of the photos of the Freedom Struggle Museum is Aldas Liaukus.

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