Witches stone

The fairy stone
 is a large dark granite egg-shaped boulder between the Obeliai and Metelis lakes. Its height from the west side is 2.1 m, its circumference is 10 m.
According to legend, in ancient times, an old winding hut stood by Lake Metelis, where the older wizard Laumė lived. At one point, she disappeared as much as everyone was looking for – no one found her. However, he noticed that an unseen stone appeared on Jurakalnis in Papėčiai village. One dark night, a man and his wife were driving through this mountain. Suddenly the horses stopped at him and a sheep was heard screaming. They took that sheep and brought it back. He left her in a club, in a cart. At night he dreams that the clown is burning. He jumped out of bed and started fighting. Only when the door was opened did the fire go out, and saw a woman leaving the cloister. The roosters sang, and she fell. In the morning, the horses said that during the celebration they saw an old woman who had come to Jurakalnis and turned a stone.
Then there were more and more stories that the stone turned into a wizard at night, scaring late passengers until the first roosters. The locals named this stone and named it the Fairy Stone.