Lazdijai Regional Museum

The Lazdijai Regional Museum is located in one of the oldest buildings in the city of Lazdijai. 1920-1936 in the Seinai city operated “Žiburio” gymnasium. The museum is equipped with the “Old High School Class”, which presents the history of education in the region, and visitors are welcomed by priest Motiejus Gustaitis. The museum reflects the history of the region, archaeological finds, copies of old maps, and various historical documents are exhibited here. On the second floor, material about Salomėja Nēris is exhibited.

The Lazdijai Regional Museum hosts educational programs:

A plant in poetry,
plant in tea
secret school,
candle pouring,
Mardi Gras masks,
On Easter morning the lily bloomed,
In search of Old Wands,
Baltic writings.

From 2022 July 1 Visiting the Lazdijai Region Museum and its branches is paid, more information at