Lithuanian Partisan Tomb (Lazdijai Cemetery)

On 17-03-1945 in the homestead of Muckus, Strumbagalvės village, Rudamina district, Lazdijai county, a group of partisans was discovered by the soldiers of the NKVD 94th Border Troop together with the NKVD Seinai district. They were accompanied by the strikers of the Rudamina subdivision of the Sevins’ detachment. According to some estimates, 12 partisans of the Mindaugas group of the DLK Mindaugas group of the Šarūnas (?) detachment were killed in the battle with the enemy. Of these, the following are known to have been identified: the leader of the detachment, Leonas Kliukinskas-Levas, born in 1912 in Mockava K., Sangruda Vlsch. The village of Slakuda, in the village of Skruda, in the village of Skruda, in the village of M. Partisan since 1944; Antanas Miknevičius, born in 1916; Jurgis Misiukevičius, born in 1927 in Rūdnininkai village, Marijampolė municipality; Viktoras Trečiokas-Liūtas, born in 1917 (1918 ?) in Mergutrakis (Sangruda ?) k., Sangruda vlsč. Former Lithuanian policeman, partisan from 1944-1945; Jonas Zimnickas, b. 1912 (1912) Mockavos k., Marijampolė sav. Partisans were stigmatised in Lazdijai. After the restoration of Lithuania’s independence, the remains were moved from the burial site to this cemetery.

Information and photos from the website of the Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture ; Register of Real Cultural Property, unique code 39093