Place of Lithuanian partisan fights and death (Macevičiai village)

On February 5, 1945, a detachment of 60 partisans, led by Captain Boliaus Šimkonis-Šarūnas of the Lithuanian Army, marched to attack Kapčiamiestis, but the partisans were attacked by the soldiers of the 94th detachment of the NKVD Soviet Border Army, led by Lt. Kadyrov. Over 10 partisans were killed in the battle: the commander, Capt. B. Shimkonis-Sharunas, born in 1908 in Liškiava, nowadays in the town of Lviv. Bolius Jurkonis-Slibinas, born on May 9, 1916 in Mižonii village, Leipalingis vlsc., Jeronimas Liutvinas, born on May 9, 1916 in Mižonii village, Leipalingis vlsc., and the following known guerrillas. Antanas Lučinskas, Antanas Sadauskas-Diemedis, b. Petras Subačius-Velionis (Veliuona ?), b. 1923, Mizoniai, b. 1923, b. Gerdašiai cemetery, Liudvikas Vailionis-Uosis, b. 1920, Mizoniai, Jonas Zapasninkas, b. Snaigupė k., presently M. Lazdijai r., German captain, others not explained. V. Stankevičius-Dobilas, partisan of the Grand Duke Vytenis’s Household of Lithuania, wounded and arrested. The Slauta-Aušra detachment, which fought together, retreated successfully. The enemy soldiers Guz, Kazakov, Polivanov were killed.

Information and photos from the website of the Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture ; the Register of Real Cultural Values, unique code 29577