Place of Lithuanian partisan fighting and death (Ginčionys village)

There are two monuments in this place. One – for the partisans of Ginčionys village who died for the freedom of Lithuania, the second monument is dedicated to the memory of Jonas Kukučionis Bastūnas.

In Ginčionys village ( according to Klajūnas ‘1950 testimonies MGB ) in 1946-1948 there was a partisan deck bunker of officer Juozapavičius’ group near Kavaliauskienė. 1951 March 14 Jaunutis – Bronius Kavaliauskas has died in Ginčionys village.

Photo from the publication “In the Footsteps of Freedom Struggles” FOLK CULTURE. 2018. Nr. 4 (181) file: /// C: /Users/Tic/AppData/Local/Temp/LK20184.pdf

Information from Bronius Kašelionis’ book “DAINAVA PARTISANS Šarūnas team documents and memories”