Place of Lithuanian partisan fighting and death (Taikūnai village)

There is a state-protected Taikūnai pine in Veisiejai Regional Park, Taikūnai village, near Lake Vilkaitis. Impressive pine tilted significantly towards the bridge over the water. The tree is not marked with arrows. A wooden cross with a tin-cut roof is attached to its trunk. A modest, dark wooden roof pillar with a gable roof is buried next to the pine. It was built in honor of the memory of the partisans of the Mindaugas Homeland Squadron of the Dainava District Šarūnas Team who died in the former bunker (about 3 m from the pine tree). The table reads: “ The place of death of partisans Antanas Valionis – Papartis and Albinas Sakalauskas – Audra. February 17 , 1949 “.Only a 2.8 m long, 2 m wide pit has left from the bunker. Birch grows on its bottom.