The place of the struggle and death of Lithuanian partisans Vladas Abeciūnas-Jovaras and Pranas Tarasevičius-Kardas

On 21 April 1949, in the Bieliauskai homestead, in a battle with a unit of the MGB Chekist army, the following partisans of the Dainava District Šarūnas detachment of A. Juozapavičius’ home unit were killed: Vladas Abeciūnas-Jovaras, born in 1918. 1918, 1918, Mankūnėliai village, now. Lazdijai district, and Pranas Tarasevičius-Kardas, born in 1914 in Ginčionių village, presently in the village of Ginčioniai. Pranas P. Gininciński, born in Pranas Gininciński, P. Lazdijai district.