Reproductions of Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis Paintings: 1. Sonata II (Sonata of the Spring. Scherzo), 1907 2. Sonata II (Sonata of the Spring. Finale), 1907

Čiurlionis created seven painted sonatas. In one compositional sonata and series based on rhythm dynamics (Allegro, Andante, Scherzo, Finale), Čiurlionis combined realistic motifs from reality with different spatial planes and moments of time, as well as contrasting symbolic images.

In the Sonata of the Spring Scherzo, we can see a vertical section of the deep sea with a barely visible fabulous city with mysterious gates and plants painted at the bottom. There is a huge net reaching deep into the water to catch fish, and a distant shore with the small hills from the Sonata of the Spring Andante can be seen above the water.

Čiurlionis created Sonata II (Sonata of the Spring) in 1907 and presented it at the Second Lithuanian Art Exhibition in the spring of 1908. In the Finale, the final part of this series, the artist selected a different composition – the brightest part of this painting is at the bottom. Moving to the right, the planet creates a path for a light space, which is followed by a procession of coloured flags.