A maze of love

This labyrinth united love, which is not only reflected in the city sign “Alytus-Myliu” , but traces of the love story also lead to the legend of Mirgrausėlė and Alytus , which is associated with the emergence of the city.
Of course, you can get lost in the labyrinth – how can you do without this. However, after doing this, you can always go back to the years 1930-1934 and try to understand what feelings the residents of Alytus had at that time. Here you can discover the thoughts of our elders, who lay down in rows and were found on benches in the City Garden and printed in the local newspaper.
The Labyrinth of Love is not very impressive in its size, but you can feel the experiences of people in love between the wars. At that time, Alytus had the status of a resort and there were significantly more men than women living in Alytus, so ladies from Kaunas came to our city, looking for both holiday romances and second halves. It’s even hard to imagine what love stories unfolded at that time, how many betrayals, love triangles or other beautiful moments there were.
The labyrinth is made of wood, its interior is painted red, and its exterior is decorated by street artist Pijus Šematulskis