Visitor Center of the Meteliai Regional Park

Meteliai Regional Park (total area 15,300 ha) is a landscape park in the basin of the great lakes of Southern Lithuania: Dusia, Meteliai and Obelija are surrounded by sandy dunes and marshes on the lake shores, and by impressive chains of high hills on the south. A wonderful panorama of this landscape, the vastness of the lakes opens from the hills of Žagarė, from the mound of Prelomčiškė. This regional park has many unique natural values. Particularly rare, protected in Europe, white-tailed sea turtles live here – a symbol of the regional park. In the only forest of Trako in Lithuania, the oak tree grows. The Great Lakes come alive during fall migrations. Bird watchers should visit the regional park during the spring and fall waterfowl migration. Both nature watchers and lovers of cycling or water sports can spend their time meaningfully. Bicycle routes are marked around Dusia and Meteliai lakes, and 2 hiking trails have been installed. There are many private campsites and rural tourism homesteads on the shores of Dusia and Meteliai lakes. Vacationers like these lakes because of the slowly deepening shoreline and sandy shores. Dusios Lake is visited by windsurfers and kitesurfers. The Metelei Regional Park visitor center is located on the southern shore of Lake Dusia, where both children and adults will find activities. The exposition creatively presents the life of the rare sea turtles living in the vicinity of Lithuania and the history of the Meteliai region. Specialists of the directorate conduct tours and educational activities by prior orders.

The visitor center is closed on public holidays. Before public holidays, working hours are reduced by one hour.