Motiejus Gustaitis Memorial House

1924-1927 Dzūkija region educator Motiejus Gustaitis lived in this house. He was an exemplary clergyman, poet, pioneer of symbolism, writer, musicologist and linguist, translator from Latin, French, Polish, Russian, German, pedagogue, doctor of philosophy, author of the first Lithuanian “Stylish” textbook.

The restored building is adapted for visitors, equipped with expositions with modern video, audio, computer and exposition equipment, furniture. The exhibition shows photos, books, letters, memories that tell about the life and work of M. Gustaitis.

Current classes:

  • Education “Poem-Puzzle”. (the goal is to familiarize with the life of Motiejs Gustaitis, his contribution to the history of education in the Lazdija region, as well as his work and poetry.).
  • Knowledge crossword about M. Gustaitis. (answers to the crossword puzzle are sought in the museum).

From 2022 July 1 Visiting the Lazdijai Region Museum and its departments is paid, more i . information

Aldas Liaukus is the author of the photos of the memorial house of Motiejus Gustaitis