Adventure Park “Tarzanija”

The largest wetland in Lithuania – Žuvintos marsh with Žuvintos Lake, is a real kingdom of wild birds and untouched nature.
In the shallow Žuvintas Lake covered with reeds and sedges, one of the country’s most abundant populations of great baboons, reed lings, common hens breed, and many other interesting species can be found. Thousands of flying cranes and geese, other water and marsh birds stop to rest in the territory of the reserve. In terms of the number of bird species, which is more than 240, Žuvintas has no equal on the mainland of the country. In the wet meadows of Žuvinto lives one of the rarest songbirds in Europe – the reed warbler. Lithuania is among the four countries where this globally endangered bird still breeds. The variety of species of animals, plants and fungi found in the biosphere reserve is huge.
The rustling forest of Bukta in the reserve is a standard of the mixed forests of the middle plain of Lithuania with very valuable habitats and species of plants and mushrooms growing in it, which are characteristic of the beech forests of central Europe.