Old Jewish cemetery of Alytus City

The old Jewish cemetery of the city of Alytus is located in Pirmas Alytus, next to the Orthodox cemetery, surrounded by an authentic stone fence. The cemetery contains several hundred Jewish graves, the vast majority without surviving matzeivs. It is believed that burials in this cemetery started from the settlement of Jews in the city, in the 18th century, until 1941. The oldest tombstone dates back to 1755. Members of the First Alytus Jewish community are buried here.
Burials are not visible in the larger area of the cemetery, the gravestones have not survived. Only at the entrance to the cemetery, there are up to 50 surviving maceivs. Due to the hilly terrain, the direction of the graves does not have a single orientation, burials were made in all directions.
The cemetery is included in the Register of Immovable cultural assets.