Monument to the partisans of Veisiejai region

The partisan memorial site is located on the north-eastern edge of the civil cemetery, at the end of the main path, on a hillside.

Monument in two stages, field stone masonry, reminiscent of the monument in memory of the Unknown Soldier in Kaunas War Museum. The lower part is a rectangular rectangular wall, the upper part – in the form of a pyramid cut upwards at the top. Two black polished stone slabs are concreted in the main façade: a double Jogailaičiai cross is carved in the upper part, and a memorial inscription in the lower part. The top of the monument is decorated with an ornate forged cross.

A memorial wall was built on both sides of the monument, in which 6 large-grained belted granite slabs with the names of the dead partisans engraved on them were concreted between the stone masonry columns.