Little Dailidė Lake

Mažasis Dailidės ežeras (Little Dailidė Lake). The lake is adorned by a bridge, named in honour of the poet Jurgis Kunčinas. Almost forty years ago, a group of friends had attached to the bridge a plaque bearing his name, but one morning the plaque disappeared without a trace. It is said that the authorities at the time had a hand in the plaque’s disappearance. In 2018, the wrong was righted and the bridge received a new plaque bearing the writer’s name.
From the bicycle path circling the lake, it is possible to see Didysis Dailidės ežeras (Big Dailidė Lake). Recreation and sport areas are located next to it. Both Dailidė lakes, Little and Big, are oxbow lakes, formerly part of the old channel of the Nemunas River. Old-timers say that once, in the place where the lakes are now, divided by the embankment, the most picturesque manor in the area stood. Those who saw the duke’s manor could not help marvelling at its grandeur and delighting in its lightness. For that reason, it was called the Dailusis Dvaras (Elegant Manor), and so its ruler, the duke, was called Dailidė. But the duke and his manor were doomed by the duke’s greed and cruelty, and so water pouring from a cursed cloud drowned the manor. Since that time, the resulting lake has been called Dailidė.