Church of the St. Infant Jesus Teresa in Paveisininkai

Church of the St. Infant Jesus Teresa in Paveisininkai was built in 1939. Closed after World War II, the liturgical objects were transferred to the former Atheism Museum. 1990 returned to the faithful church goers and repaired. The church stands on a level surface, by the road, in cemetery surrounded by a rectangular stone masonry fence. It is a small rectangular wooden building. Its interior is divided into three naves by two pairs of pillars. The middle one is higher and wider than the side ones. It is extended by a rectangular presbytery, on both sides of which, in the continuation of the side naves, are enclosed by sacristies. The church is utilitarian in architecture, extremely simple in form, tower-free, similar to a residential house with a high gabled roof. There are wide double doors at the back of the building, and small rectangular windows in the side walls. Inside, the walls and flat ceilings are carved with boards. There are three altars. The high altar consists only of the mensa, the tabernacle and the painting. The side altars are similar. At the end of the middle nave, above the main entrance, is an organ choir.