Education “Discover Lithuanian wine”


“Miella vyninė” is a Lithuanian fruit and berry wine production company in Lithuania, the first primary fermentation winery in southern Lithuania. The winery was created by two families, to which the members of both families – children, parents and relatives – contribute with their hands. The winery located in the village of Alytus develops and creates new fruit and berry wines. The product range already includes cherries, apples, currants, blueberries, quinces, lingonberries, cranberries, gooseberries, sea buckthorns, strawberries and other berries grown in Lithuania and even tomatoes. The wines of Miella Winery have been evaluated by professionals and have won several awards in the Lithuanian wine championship.

• Duration up to 2 hours.

• Price per person – from 15 to 25 euros.

• 6 – years; Tasting of selected drinks for 8 and 10, discussions.

• Appetizers for an additional fee of 5 euros per person if agreed in advance.

• Tasting education at the Miella winery for up to 15 people. We accept larger groups of people at partner premises in Alytus or Alytus district. Tasting is possible for up to 100 people.

• We arrive at the place of your choice, holidays, birthdays, company parties and other events after coordinating in advance. We take care of the glasses and other attributes needed for the tasting.

We accept at least 20-year-olds for tastings. persons.


Winery address: Kauno St. 48, Alytus village, Alytus district. Instagram link: @miellavynine

Email: [email protected]

Tel. +370 683 28102