Rudamina St. Holy Trinity Church

Grigalius Masalskis and Marija Masalskienė built a church near Rudamina Manor in 1592 and gifted it the village of Beviršiai. In 1674 an abandoned stone church is mentioned. Mikalojus Turčinavičius Sušickis, the owner of Rudamina Manor, started to build the present stone church. In 1757, tiles for the roof were produced and an architect was sought to design the tower. In 1777 a parish school is mentioned. In 1797 the church was rebuilt. In 1803, Augustinas Polikarpas Marcejevskis (1761-1827, later Bishop of Seinai, who consecrated the church; he is buried in Rudamina) was appointed parish priest in Rudamina, and he prepared young people for the seminary. Pastor Jonas Giedraitis (died 1910) built a brick parsonage. The church was enlarged in 1913 under the care of pastor Jurgis Zienius. In the beginning of 1985, pastor Juozas Zdebskis (1929-1986) renovated the church. He was killed in a car crash on 5 February 1986; he is buried in Rudamina, in the churchyard. The church is early Baroque, with a Latin cross plan, gabled, with a porch. Single-nave, with a cylindrical vault. It has 5 altars. The churchyard fence is of stone masonry.