Old Jewish Cemetery in Seirijai

This cemetery is one of the largest in Alytus County in terms of area (1.5 ha). There may be over 2000 tombstones preserved. It is not known exactly when the Jews moved to Seirijai. In 1820 there were 345 houses in the town, 100 of which belonged to Lithuanians, 195 to Jews and 50 to Germans. Before the First World War, about 400 families lived in Seiriai. In 1921, there were over a thousand Jews in the town. It was one of the largest Jewish communities in Alytus County. The cemetery was used for burials until the Second World War. On 11 September 1941, the Jewish community of Seiriiai was wiped out in the Baraučiškė village (953 Seirijai Jews were shot: 229 men, 384 women and 340 children).

Information and photos from the website of the Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture www.kpd.lt ; the Register of Real Cultural Property www.kvr.kpd.lt, unique code 20819