Vytautas’ old road to Grodno

Vytautas’ old road to Grodno remembers the intertwined history of Belarus and the city of Druskininkai. Grodno isn’t only a beautiful city in Belarus, it’s also important for Lithuanians from a historical point of view, as it lies in the traditional ethnic lands of the Lithuanian nation. The history of both the city and the region of Grodno is directly related to the formation of the Lithuanian state, and is a witness to the struggles of the Yotvingian, Prussian, Lithuanian and Samogitian tribes against the Eastern and Central Slavs.

During the 13th century, the city of Grodno became part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Lithuanian rulers, in particular Vytautas the Great, loved spending time there. It’s not known whether it is true or a legend, but it’s said that the road Vytautas the Great used to travel to Grodno is currently in Ratnyčia, at the end of Saulėtekio Street.