Sculpture to commemorate Sendai Valvrojenski (Sendai Berenson-Abbott)

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Lithuanian basketball, a monument in memory of Senda Valvrojenski was built in Butrimony. Senda Valvrojenski (Berenson-Abbott) in 1868 is called the mother of world women’s basketball, author of the first game rules and organizer of the competition. March 19 was born in Butrimony, lived here until the age of 7, later emigrated to the USA with his parents. in 1893 March 22 organized the first basketball competition between freshmen and sophomores at Smith College in Boston. A large number of student spectators crowded into the gymnasium, some simply hanging on the railing. Men were not allowed in because the girls wore “only” knee-length clothing. It was a historic moment at the women’s college – 24-year-old Senda was soon offered to teach physical education here. Within a few years, basketball spread throughout the country’s women’s schools. S. Berenson became famous as its biggest promoter, wrote and published the rules of this game, which were officially approved in 1899. These rules were followed until the 20th century. early sixties.
Died in 1954 February 16 in Santa Barbara (USA). in 1985 Senda was inducted into the USA Basketball Hall of Fame in 1987. – to the International Jewish Sports Museum, and in 1999 – to the Women’s Basketball Museum.
The Lithuanian Basketball Federation (LKF), “Krepšinios namai”, the Cultural and Historical Memory Foundation and the Alytus District Municipality joined the idea of erecting the monument.