Homestead “At Vytas”

The village homestead “Pas Vytą” by the lake is also a great place for a quiet, recreational holiday. The furnished log houses offer all the amenities needed for a comfortable holiday. The windows of all the houses have a view of the clear Galstas Lake, shimmering in the mornings with the rays of the rising sun, and in the evenings surrounded by a light mist.
The wide lakeside of the farmhouse has a volleyball court, a trampoline for the little ones and a swing. Each house has its own terrace, barbecue area or gazebo. Galstas Lake invites you to go fishing, take a boat ride or a water bicycle ride, take a dip or soak in the hot sauna. Outdoor barbecue grills will help you cook or smoke your catch or the steak you brought with you.

The “Pas Vytą” agritourism farmhouse by the lake is a great place to hold a wedding celebration. Here you will find everything you need for cosy family and friends celebrations or recreational events. Four log houses are situated on the wide shore of the lake, with all amenities, from banquet halls and bedrooms to saunas and outdoor barbecues.