Stėgalių stumbrynas

The Bison Sanctuary was opened in March 2023 and its main objective is to conserve and increase the bison population in Lithuania. The bison farm receives bison from Central Lithuania. In this way, a new herd is formed in large enclosures. One smaller enclosure is used for the exhibition. Here, visitors to the National Park can observe the bison grazing in this exhibition enclosure from a viewing bridge. Meanwhile, the majority of the herd, consisting of females and their young, graze in the larger enclosures.

Bison are a protected species, listed in the Lithuanian Red Data Book. Specialists at the bison farm regularly monitor and care for the bison in the enclosures. In the future, once they have adapted, some of the healthy bison will be released into the wild in southern Lithuania. This would create better conditions for the bison herd to merge with bison populations from other countries, which come to Dzūkija from Belarus.