It is one of the villages in the Druskininkai forests, located at the Raigardas valley 5 km from the resort. Historical documents mention 1620. It is an old street village, an architectural monument. Particularly interesting are the old local homesteads with their own fenced yards. The 20 square kilometers of meadows around the village are carved by streams and brooks. Where the Nemunykstis reaches the Nemunas River, the Black hill stands. He may have been a defensive point guard in the past. From the top of the mountain you have a wonderful panorama: the blue waters of the Nemunas winding, the Raigardas valley adorned with crisp green carpet, and in the distance you can see Užubalis hill, which is overgrown with pines and shrubs. It is thought that a small wooden castle, surrounded by swamps and shrubs, may have stood here in ancient times. To the north of the village is a huge boulder, a geological monument, the Svendubre (Devil’s) Stone, which has been the subject of numerous legends and legends.