Church of the Nativity of the St. Virgin Mary in Šventežeris

Church of the Nativity of the St. Virgin Mary in Šventežeris was built in 1882. The first sacral building was the Evangelical Reformed Church in Šventežeris, built by Radvilas in 1598. 1663 it was given to Catholics. 1746 new wooden houses of prayer were built on the initiative of Karolis Radvila, the owner of the manor and the town.
1783 The inventory of the Seirijai church mentions the newly built, more precisely rebuilt, Šventežeris church of Count Tiškevičius. It was a two tower, built out of old walls with a new porch. From 1824 to 1830 this old building was closed due to insecurity, in 1831. fundamentally repaired. In 1863 its condition was poor, so a project for a new, brick church was prepared. Before construction began, in 1865 October 15 th, the old church burned down. In a month, temporary houses of prayer were built, to which all the inventory saved during the fire was transferred. 1871 October 20 the temporary building also burned down, this time with all the church property. In 1880 the former wooden chapel of the Gauronskis family (built in 1822 in cementary of Šlavantai manor) was moved to Šventežeris. After building of two sacristies, a tower and a portico, and the installation of a gallery inside, the church of original neoclassical architecture was completed in 1882. In 1886 altars were installed. In 1907 church tower and church foundations were redone. The interior of the church was repainted in the interwar years, in 1932. The cemetery is fenced with a concrete fence. In 1953 the second floor was raised above the sacristy, two portico columns were replaced, the outside and inside were painted, and the altars were renovated. Šventežeris Church is an original wooden architectural monument of the historicist era.