Painting on glass in the Veisiejai House of Culture

During the educational program “Painting on glass”, participants will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the methods and techniques of glass decoration. After that, after receiving the necessary materials and tools, using their imagination and immersing themselves in the creative process, they will create a work of art on glass, which they will take home. It is an hour full of concentration, positive emotions and good mood for students. It is likely that great ideas and works of art will be born, which will please not only the creators themselves, but also their relatives. The completed works will have lasting, cognitive value.

  • Number of participants: up to 10
  • Education is conducted by: R. Kulakauskienė
  • Price: for children, schoolchildren, students, adults – 6 EUR
  • Program order tel. no. 8 674 30174