Vaclovas Jankauskas stone collection

The stone collection of Vaclovas Jankauskas, which he collected for a couple of decades, is exhibited in a private space, but everyone interested in the grace and elegance of stones is welcome. The stone exposition is decorated with the works of blacksmiths, many important historical dates for Lithuania and memorable events for the country are originally immortalized here. Lito storage is available. A hen laying stone eggs looks out proudly, and a stone spider keeps a watchful eye on visitors. The eyes are dazzled by the beauty of the stone flowers and the austere elegance of the cornflowers. Decorations of the collection – two stone rosaries and the Tree of Happiness. Instead of branches and leaves, lucky horseshoes grow on it, currently, there are 2023 of them, because every year on December 31st. 24 hours in some mysterious way, one new horseshoe emerges at a time. Touching this tree will make you happy all year round.
The visit must be arranged in advance.

SB “Nemunas”, Ažuolo st. 16, Alytus district
GPS: 54.391054, 24.095508 (WGS)