Vainežeris Park

The park of Vainežeris manor occupies 12 ha. The buildings have not survived. Most of the territory is occupied by various species of trees and shrubs, trees of the old garden. The park was established 200 years ago, but has been left for nature protection for 50 years. The park is half separated by Lake Vainežeris. The western part of the park is dominated by open spaces separated by groups of trees and shrubs. There are a number of maples, ashes, willows, as well as alien trees: gray fir and European larch. The territory of the former manor park of Vainežeris could be divided into three parts. The first is the south-western part, there is an entrance to the park, paths around which the park’s greenery is located, parking lot, information stand. The second part is the lake and the surrounding greenery. The third part – the east with greenery and meadow, Tree Museum.