Varėnės horses

Horse riding in the countryside; horse and carriage rides; education; horse hire for filming, photo shoots and parties.

“Varėnės horses stud farm is located in Old Varėna, surrounded by forests and the Merkiai Serpentines. Being with horses is one of the ways to get to know the Varėna region and its history better.

Whether on a horse-drawn carriage or a horse-drawn carriage, you’ll breathe in the Dzūkija hills, gaze down from the slopes of the Merkiai River, and visit the historical surroundings. Stop for a rest or a walk on the banks of the Merkiai River or Lake Glėbas. The hike can take an hour or half a day, depending on your wishes.

If you just want to get to know the horses, you can choose horse therapy on the banks of the River Merkiai, which includes: a party in the nature with a cup of herbal tea, monitoring and analysis of the horses’ body language, weaving the horse’s mane with wild flowers, and learning about the world of horse breeding.