Veisiejai Observation Tower

In the village of Kailiniai, one kilometre southeast of Veisėiai, in the northwestern part of Lake Snaigynas, there is a 15-metre-high observation tower of Veisėiai Regional Park. It offers a panoramic view not only of the beauty of Lake Snaigynas with its three islands, but also of Veisiejai town. The tower was built in just six weeks from 25 tonnes of metal structures. Its geometry is simpler, but its architecture is unique: it resembles a cup, which is lifted by a spiral staircase up to the observation deck. The visually light and unencumbered structures give the structure a graceful, light feel.

In December 2022, the Veisiejai observation tower sparkled in the most beautiful colours. The tower is equipped with a modern lighting system with 16 LED luminaires. The colours of the luminaires change and many different lighting options can be programmed, with different colours and various other lighting effects.

Lighting on/off schedule:

All year round: according to astronomical time, from dusk to 00 hour.

Photo of the illuminated tower by Aldas Liaukus.