Educational programs are organized by Veisiejai Regional Park

Veisijai Regional Park organizes the following educations:

How to become a friend of the forest
The healing power of the forest
Natural heritage objects
Reptiles and their exceptional species
Amphibians. Distribution and breeding methodology of the European woodpecker (Hyla arborea).
Orchid plants in the Veisiei regional park
Edible and non-edible mushrooms in the territory of the Veisiei regional park
Picking tea herbs and making tea
Mathematics in the Veisiei Regional Park
Dzūkai calendar customs and folk art
The trees of the park of the Veisiei Manor

Information for the visitor:

Activity price for 1 person. 1 hour – 3 euros.
Persons accompanying groups do not need to pay for their services.

Please make arrangements in advance for educational programs.

During the implementation of the project financed by the municipality of Lazdijai district, services are provided free of charge to preschool children and schoolchildren of Lazdijai district.