The Vidzgiris Botanical Forest

Vidzgiris Forest stretching the territory of the city of Alytus for 452 ha (388 ha of it were declared a botanical reserve in 1960) is a unique corner of nature, like an island of nature in Alytus city. Vidzgiris forest is home to the largest coherent hornbeam in Lithuania, there are forests of broadleaf, as well as slopes and ravines, oak woods, larch, rare plants of high botanical value, and protected species of amphibians and insects, live there. 
The reserve was granted the status of European Network of Protected Areas Natura 2000 in 2009. 
There are ecological and nature cognitive trails in Vidzgiris Botanical Reserve for those interested in nature and who love hiking. They introduce you to the fascinating biodiversity of the Vidzgiris Forest. They present the visitors with the fascinating biodiversity of the Vidzgiris Forest.  The trails lead to Radžiūnai mound (also called Pilaitė).