Vijūnėlė Pond and Park

Vijūnėlė Park offers another great place to relax close to Druskininkai’s famous bodies of water. From one side you’ll see Druskonis Lake, and from the other, Vijūnėlė Pond. The park in which the pond is located and that was reconstructed in 2011, attracts both residents and guests of Druskininkai with its beauty, especially during the early spring when it becomes home to an impressive ‘sea’ of over 200,000 daffodils.

Bronislovas Lubys, an honorary citizen of Druskininkai and a signatory of the Act of Independence, also enjoyed walking along the trail between Lake Druskonis and Vijūnėlė Pond. The environment of the park is also adorned with a sculpture of fighting rams. Vijūnėlė Park has become one of the most popular places for active recreation in the resort, and we invite you to spend time along the beautiful shoreline of Druskonis Lake.