The squirrels Alsodra and Sodriukas

“We create our own happiness” – these are the words adorning the bronze sculpture, depicting the mother squirrel Alsodra and the little squirrel Sodriukas communicating. This sculpture decorated Alytus not by chance. The city garden is famous not only for its rosaries but also for the squirrels that live here, which make many visitors to the park smile. Perhaps in the future, the squirrel will become one of the symbols of the city. The sculpture, located in the square of Jotvingiai Street, near the City Garden, was donated to Alytus by the employees of the Alytus branch of “Sodras” with the wish “Big works start with small ones!”.
Authors of the sculpture: painter I. Židonytė, sculptors A. Janušauskas and J. Abdulskytė.