Dzūkija kitchen discoveries

The dishes of Dzūkija cuisine are different from those of other regions of Lithuania. Since ancient times, Dzūkija people have been cooking forest products, knowing how to use all the gifts of nature for cooking. Therefore, it is not surprising that there was a huge assortment of mushroom dishes on every Dzūkas table. In addition, they are used to fill pies, rolls, and season sauces. Potato pancakes baked on cabbage leaves, various porridges, milk soup, boiled and stewed pork fat with cabbage and oven-baked potatoes with skins have been eaten in Dzūkija for a long time. Anyone who tastes buckwheat pancakes baked on melted butter, roasted in the shoulder with sour cream and served with dried boletus, will forever become a fan of Dzūkija cuisine. Come to Dzūkija to learn how to cook the dishes of this region – here, both adults and children will gain new knowledge about the dishes of this region, which they will be able to taste here.

Object no. 1 Educational Programmes of Pivašiūnai Crafts Centre

At Pivašiūnai Crafts Centre, a visitor will be offered an opportunity to form and bake himself/herself a small loaf of bread in a preheated bread oven, to churn up butter by using a Dzukian churn dash (buikelė), and taste it spread on freshly baked bread. Those who wish to learn what Dzukian taste is have an opportunity to prepare themselves potato loaves, buckwheat pies, cakes, dumplings, and small Christmas bite-sized hard biscuits (kūčiukai).
Fans of old traditional crafts and trades will have their chance too. They will be shown how to carve wood, make pottery, felt boots, weave various articles from withy or Dzukian baskets (kašikai), make candles and knit wool gloves and socks using patterns. 
At a small souvenir shop, even the most demanding will find a lovely handmade item to buy.
Working hours:  II–IV 9.00 am – 6.00 pm, V–VI 9.00 am – 3.00 pm

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Object no. 2 Cheese tasting "Royal cheeses"

Alvydas Paliukėnas, also called the King of Cheeses, produces about 70 types of cheeses with an exceptional taste, which he transports to fairs throughout Lithuania.
You can hear stories from the cheese maker, taste various flavors, and discover the ones everyone likes the most at the cheese tasting, which takes place in the tasting room on the second floor of the building.

Up to 40 people can participate in the tasting at the same time, and 24 are the most comfortable seats.

The duration of the tasting is 1-1.5 hours.

The price of the tasting is 10 euros per person.

For groups of less than 10 people, the total price of the tasting is 100 euros.

After the tasting, participants can purchase the cheeses they like the most.

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Object no. 3 "Šimtalapė"

The surroundings of Alytus are famous for traditional Tatar šimtalapiai, we want to share this lovingly hand-baked authentic product with caramel padel and thin leaves with you.
Without changing the yeast dough recipe, we experimented with fillings, so today we can offer you probably the largest assortment of šimtalapiai fillings in Lithuania.

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Object no. 4 Restaurant "Dzūkija Manor"

The restaurant describes itself and its dishes as follows: “Our food is the way it should be in a provincial manor – fresh, made from local products, but with the touch of the creative hand of the master, it has become the pride of Dzūkija Manor.” The pride of the “Dzūkijos dvaras” kitchen: we prepare dishes in a traditional bread oven and in a wood-fired oven, adding fruit tree shavings, dried herbs and other spices! Here you will be able to taste authentic dishes from Dzūkija and get to know the interpretations of the master on the topic of traditional Dzūkian cuisine.”

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Object no. 5 Augai Farm

You can find Gražina and Arvydas Augus Farm in the beautiful village of Didžiasalis in Leipalingis eldership, next to two lakes, Bilsas Juodajis and Bilsas Baltajis, 10 km from Druskininkai.

The Augus family has worked this land for many generations, so farming is a tradition handed down to each successive generation. 32 hectares is worked by Gražina and Arvydas together with their daughter and her friend. As the family thought about innovations, they came up with the idea of making not only traditional Lithuanian cheese, but also ripened and fermented cheese and cheese made using mould.

After buyers of the cheese expressed interest, the family decided to offer opportunities for visitors to get better acquainted with the way cheese is made. Adults and kids alike enjoy learning about cheese-making. As the assortment of available cheeses widened, the dairyproducts shop “Sūrinė” opened its doors, offering cheese making workshops, too.

Current prices please check with the owner of the object.

Programme length: 2 hours Price: 15 €/person, children aged 4 to 15 – 6 €, children up to 4 – free of charge *minimum group size – 10 persons *advance registration is necessary

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