The forest trail

The forest trail is part of the European long-distance hiking route E11 in the Baltic countries, passing through the most beautiful forests and national parks of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The beginning of the route is on the border of Poland and Lithuania from the town of Lazdijai, it continues in Latvia through Riga and reaches Tallinn in Estonia.

Object no. 1 Border Road with Former Blockades

During the Cold War, there was a protected stretch called the ‘Iron Curtain’ between Lithuania and Poland. The Soviet border guards and their dogs would walk along this road, where the fence served as a high-voltage power line protecting the Soviet Empire from the Western World. Nowadays, you can see the remaining parts of this ‘Iron Curtain’ here.

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Object no. 2 Snow Arena

Do you know that Snow Arena in Druskininkai is the only year round winter entertainment complex in the Baltic States? The 8-hectare area has as many as three trails for alpine skiing and snowboarding for both amateur and professional. The Snow Arena is open without rest days, so you can try out winter entertainment at your convenience.

Beginners to ski training can be accompanied by experienced and professional ski instructors. Don’t have an outfit but want to ski? No problem! Visitors without ski equipment or equipment can rent it at the Snow Arena rental for an additional fee.

The arena is equipped with equipment that meets all safety requirements, lifts are constantly maintained and tested, and a first aid doctor is on duty at the complex. For your convenience, the complex has a changing area with changing cabins, 1000 lockers for personal belongings and showers.

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Object no. 3 Karolis Dineika Wellness Park

Karolis Dineika Wellness Park is a relaxing oasis, located in a beautiful pine forest on the coast of the Ratnyčia River. The park continues the old traditions of treatment focused on the air, water and sun, and offers visitors unique procedures to try: walking on special treatment pathways, ionotherapy, sun and tranquillity on the terraces, or a foot massage in an acupressure pool.

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Object no. 4 Grūtas Soviet Sculpture Park

In the south of Lithuania, near the popular resort of Druskininkai, a unique outdoor exhibition of dismantled soviet monuments, brought from various Lithuanian cities and towns has been launched. Such a great collection of ideological sculptures is unique worldwide. This is a heritage of the Lithuanian monuments of a few decades. Idols and symbols imposed by the soviet regime on the Lithuanian nation reveal historic truth on the soviet occupation period in Lithuania.

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Object no. 5 Merkinė Mound

One of the strongest Lithuanian wooden castles in the Nemunas defense system stood on the Merkinė mound in 14th – 15th centuries. Nevertheless, investigators found that at least three times the castle crew did not defend against the Crusaders. Pottery, tiles and bricks found at the foot of the mound testify to the locals creating the coziness of home in this confluence of rivers, and the stone projectile of the cannon also remembers the broken buildings and destinies. The view from this mound is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Lithuania. A must see.

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